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WHMSonic has a unique feature, you can play your AAC+ encoded shoutcast radios with flashplayer without any server requirements such as wowza or red5. It supports MP3 streams as well. You can also use JWPlayer with WHMSonic radios. Flashplayer can work with only WHMSonic radios as it is designed for WHMSonic shoutcast AAC+ streams. Our flashplayer is designed professionally, it doesnt have memory or buffer problems. The sound quality remains %100.

WHMSonic AAC+ Flashplayer is provided free with WHMSonic software and can be downloaded directly from WHMSonic software.

Copyright Removal:
Our AAC+ FlashPlayer has a copyright text on it, you can remove the copyright text by ordering the copyright removal.
- The copyright removal price is 20$. Please contact [email protected] for payment options.

Custom Design:
We can create a custom flashplayer according to your needs, we can translate it to your language with your own company logo and a link on it. Examples are below.
- The price for custom design is 50$ total included copyright removal. Please contact [email protected] for payment options.

Player config options & Features: (passed directly as flashvars/querystring in the html codes)

Notice: Do not decompile or edit the SWF file, we have some protection codes inside of the swf and when you decompile the swf, that code will be removed the player will pretend to be working but it will not work properly, will cause buffer issues and will show pirated warning, stolen player messages randomly to your listeners instead of song titles. There is no better way than using an original copy.

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