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How to become a reseller / partner with us ?

The worlds number one shoutcast control panel software. Today, it is installed on more than 6000 servers and provided by over 300 partners worldwide. Now is your chance to offer your clients "WHMSonic Software Licenses" what they all need for a successful radio hosting business. Our reseller program offers increasing discounts on license purchases by reseller packages. Over 10 years, we never had any problem with any of our current reseller/partner companies as we do our job seriously, we provide technical support and we care about each client of them.

Requirement 1): You must have an active website and good standing on hosting industry. Coming soon, under construction, radio websites, blogs, hotmail and gmail free emails are not allowed and we will reject kind of requests.

Requirement 2): You have to add any WHMSonic verified reseller icon or logo on your website to declare that you are our authorized reseller. We are running periodical checks, if there is no icon or logo on your website, we may suspend or terminate your reseller account. WHMSonic logos & Icons

Our Reseller Packages & Prices

Yearly License
Lifetime License
Monthly License
API Connection & WHMCS Module
Reseller Panel Access
Account Creation Fee
Sign Up
Welcome Package
With above requirements
Partner Package
With above requirements
cPanel Authorized Partners Package
With above requirements

Account Creation Fee: Some packages require account creation fee. This fee will be deposited to your reseller account as an account balance after your payment and you will be able to use your account balance for license orders.

cPanel Authorized Partners Package: This package is available for cPanel authorized partners as it is named. You must be in this list to order this package.

Datacenter Noc Solutions: We provide monthly offers for multiple license issues. So you can provide free WHMSonic licenses to your "Internal/Existing" clients with your dedicated and VPS sales. Today almost every top datacenter company working with us for their WHMSonic solutions, you may prefer cPanel authorized package or contact us for more solutions.

Who supports the end user ?
We do! There is no point having a great product for people to use if they can't get the support they need to get it running in the first place so we provide full support to your resold customers just the same as if they had signed up directly with us.

Where are the API manuals and WHMCS module downloads and details ?

How to success on sale ?
This is a common issue of companies and resellers. In fact, it is simple. If you do not provide detailed information of WHMSonic on your website, you should not expect high sales ratings. But if you design a good webpage with our software features and images including detailed information, your sales rates will increase noticeably. We have seen some websites that they say they are selling WHMSonic licenses but they only say that they are selling, there is no software information, no images, no functions. Everything you need is provided on our website, you can use our logos, images, feature lists to prepare your own pages. Provide information as much as you can to have a good sales rate.

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